11 Places You're Forgetting To Clean

11 Places You're Forgetting To Clean
We all love for our homes to be clean. When there is no dust and dirt, the space looks nicer, and it is a healthier place to live in. Also, food leftovers and similar types of dirt can attract ants, cockroaches, and many nasty living beings. Because of that, you want to keep your living space sparkling clean.
Even though you think you cleaned your whole house, there are always some spots and objects that people constantly forget to clean. Here are 11 of them:

1. Curtains

In most homes, curtains take the fair amount of space. They are something that you are surrounded with all the time but usually don't pay much of attention to.
Next time when you are cleaning your house don't forget the curtains. Most of them can be easily washed in a washing machine in no time. Your home will smell amazing after putting them back on your windows.

2. Laptops

Another thing that is probably used every day in your home and that is probably dirtier than you can ever imagine is the laptop.
Clean the keyboard thoroughly using cotton buds, and you’ll see how much dirt and dust was actually between the buttons. Also, keep your laptop placed on the table or some similar surface so that the dust can’t make it to the inside of the laptop and cause harm.

3. Remote controllers

Just as with laptops, the space between the buttons of remotes is the perfect place for the life of germs. And similar as with laptops, people often forget to clean the remotes that they use.
Take the antibacterial spray in your hands, and give those remotes a nice cleaning. Also, don’t forget to remove the batteries and clean that area too!

4. Plants

Any home is better with plants, but the downside is that they also collect dust.
Make sure to be gentle when cleaning your plants. Use a wet cloth and slowly remove the dust from the leaves. Another trick is to use a fan to remove the dust. Be careful that the air is not too hot and that the plan that you have is not too gentle for the fan cleaning.

5. Fridge

You maybe cleaned the inside of the fridge and removed all the stains, but it doesn't end there. Did you clean the top of your fridge? Probably not.
This is the place that people often forget to clean even though it collects a ton of dust! The space behind the fridge and under the fridge is no exception.

6. Microwave

Heating the pasta, making hot chocolate or popcorns in your microwave can make a lot of mess. Take time to clean it.
Wipe the microwave after preparing a meal. Make sure that the place where you put and prepare your food is sparkling clean! Don't wait until the pieces of the food stick so much that you need hours to remove them.

7. Throw pillows

Throw pillows can be a great addition to a home. They give a nice and cozy atmosphere and are also quite comfortable to sit on. However, they often get neglected. Usually, they have covers that can be taken off and easily washed.
So don't be lazy, get those covers and put them in the washing machine or use the vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust from them.

8. Your car

This may not be a part of your home, but it is the place where you spend your time. There is no use of having a sparkling clean home if your car is a mess. Be sure to throw out all the trash from your car on a daily basis.
Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and the dirt, and wash the outside of your car regularly. It is useful to have our Clear Air Purifier in your car at all times as the inside of it can often have an unpleasant odor. You can check some of them here. And plus, next time you pick up your friends or family you don’t want to be embarrassed by that nasty odor.

9. Trash cans

Removing trash is a job for itself, however after a long period of time trash cans also get dirty. If you are not careful enough when throwing food or you may have used a plastic bag that has a hole, you will end up with a sticky and stinky trash can.
Luckily, they are very easy to clean. Just use water and a cleaning product that you use on a regular basis and give that trash can a nice wash!

10. Ceiling Lamps & Lights

Ceiling lamps and light are often hard to reach, but that shouldn't be the reason to avoid cleaning them! Often they collect a great amount of dust. Dead insects are something that can also be usually found inside them. Because of the light and the heat they can attract small insects.
Use your vacuum cleaner or favorite cloth to clean the lights. Just be sure that the lights are off when you are cleaning. Safety always goes first!

11. Toothbrush and soap holder

Keeping a clean bathroom is a priority for most of the people. That is why not many things in the bathroom go unnoticed when it comes to cleaning. However, many of us forget to clean the toothbrush and soap holder. Because of the wet area, it is a perfect spot for germs.
Use soap and water and clean it. More importantly, dry the holders with a cloth or a towel.
After all these tips and tricks, your home is now in a much better state! Most of the commonly forgotten places to clean are now cleaner than ever. It won’t always be an easy job, but your house will feel amazing.

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