5 Tips To Make Cleaning Fun

5 Tips To Make Cleaning Fun
I have some tips for you that can help brighten up that saddening task of cleaning your home. Many people who become overwhelmed will tend to push off certain cleaning tasks. Hopefully these can help you push through the tasks you need to get done so you can get back to enjoying life!

1. Crank the Music

Playing music is going to put you in a better mood. Make a playlist that is full of your favorite songs that are upbeat and happy. If you do not have time to make a playlist, stream one on a music channel. According to research, music provides a great distraction and actually deters the attention away from the task a person is doing. This makes you personally less aware of how physically demanding a job may be.
With this being said, it allows a person to keep up their energy and keep cleaning. In fact, if you get the family to help, singing and dancing will be an added bonus to cleaning. Cleaning does not have to be a chore and it can be fun with some simple upbeat music. It can be something the whole family enjoys.

2. Make Cleaning a Workout

Cleaning doesn’t just have to benefit the house; it can also benefit you! Cleaning is a great way to get a pretty decent workout in. To turn cleaning into a workout simply use a pedometer or smartwatch that can track movements. If you really want to feel the burn add ankle weights or even a weighted vest. Keep in mind that comfortable and loose clothing should be worn. This is when music will come in handy as well.
Now you are probably unsure as to what to clean first. What burns the most calories and is going to benefit you the most. Well, let’s take a look.

With an hour of time:

  • Mopping – 168 calories
  • Vacuuming- 153 Calories
  • Dusting- 174 Calories

With 30 minutes:

  • Clean the Bathroom – 200 Calories
  • Load Dishwasher- 105 Calories
  • Mow the Lawn- 185 Calories
Cleaning with weights adds more burned calories and simply cleaning alone, the calories add up.

3. Prep for Pauses

It is important that when you are cleaning that you are taking breaks. A break every thirty minutes is going to be a great schedule to follow. If it is just you or the whole family, you want to make the time fun. This is why keeping healthy and energizing snacks as well as cold water for break time is essential to help restore energy and keep the momentum going.

4. Make Cleaning a Game

It is easier to get things done, especially with the family, if something is a game. To turn cleaning into a game, keep a chart with all the cleaning that needs to be done. Each cleaning task is going to be worth a certain number of points. The family can keep track of their points and the winner will receive a prize. This is especially true for not very fun chores such as the bathroom or even the gutters. Even the adults may be more motivated with a game.

5. Get Good Gear

Coming home to a clean house is one of the best feelings possible. This is why it is important to have good cleaning supplies to ensure the house is clean. Plus, ensure that the products and/or tools being used around children and pets are safe. A clean house also needs to be a safe house so that everyone is happy.
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