7 House Smells You Should Never Ignore

If you own a house, live in an apartment, rent a house, or live with someone else, there are a few smells that you should never pass off.
If a house has any of these (7) smells, you should take action as soon as possible.

1. Gas

Natural gas is naturally odorless. However, it is made detectable by adding a chemical called mercaptan. This makes it smell like rotten eggs. If you smell this in your home, it could be a gas leak in the home or surrounding it. Either way, it is not a good situation. Gas leaks can cause explosions or fires fairly easy.
You want to leave your house immediately if you smell this. You will then want to call the gas company on your cell phone or even a neighbor's phone. You should not use any household appliances or lights. Do not use a car either. All of these items could produce a spark and cause a fire.

2. Something Musty

If you notice a pungent musty odor, it could lead to a simple leaky sink or something worse such as a broken pipe. However, either way, there is mold somewhere which will grow in the darkest and dampest spots. Mold can be harmful to those who have asthma and allergies.
If you notice mold, you should disinfect it with a bleach and water solution. You should make sure the area is well-ventilated and let the bleach solution sit for ten minutes. If you notice mold on drywall or non-porous surfaces, you should replace the item.
Keep in mind, if you cannot see the mold it may be located in your walls. If this is your problem, contact the health department or even a home inspector.

3. Sewage

If you notice that your home has turned into a sewage plant, you may have a sewer leak. The sewer gas that is leaked is toxic and could be explosive. Not to mention, some of the components that make up the gas such as hydrogen sulfide, could cause unconsciousness and eye irritation. Another component, methane, causes the oxygen levels to deplete and could cause asphyxiation.
If you notice this problem, you should call a plumber or a home inspector to help you locate your problem’s source.

4. Smoke

We panic if we smell a strong smoke smell, however, oftentimes we brush off the occasional whiff of smoke. However, if you smell this whiff of smoke, it could mean a bigger problem. Sometimes, you may only smell it once you are using a specific light or appliance. This could mean that you have electrical smoke behind the wall or in a fixture. This can be dangerous.
You should call an electrician if you notice this smell. Do not put it off as it can become dangerous.

5. Dirty Dog

If there is a smell like a dog needs a bath, there could be a problem close to home. You could have rodents, squirrels, or raccoons in the attic. The rafters are going to be their bathroom. Keep in mind that feces could have roundworm eggs that are a problem to humans.

6. Old Cigarette

There is a concern with this because studies have shown that thirdhand smoke could cause issues. If you notice the lingering smell of smoke, this contains 11 different carcinogens. There is not a lot of studies done yet, but we do know that children are more exposed because they touch everything and put fingers in their mouth.
Deep clean places where people have previously smoked to prevent this issue. To help further eliminate the odors and purify the air, use Clear Air. This is a natural air freshener and air purifier. Plus, it lasts up to two years.

7. That New Smell

Keep in mind that if you are painting your walls, do not inhale that fresh smell. This contains compounds that can be harmful to humans.
Make sure you are ventilating the home properly. You should also avoid paints that have VOCs.
You are now ready to tackle your home’s smells with confidence. If you ever notice a smell in the future, you are also all set to tackle that!
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