7 Steps to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

7 Steps to Deep Clean Your Bathroom
Trust me, when your bathroom isn’t clean people take notice.
But when a bathroom has is sparking clean people tend to notice also. There are not only are lingering odors but lingering bacteria that could be causing sickness or allergies. A clean bathroom is an important thing to have especially if there are people with serious health conditions or children in the home.

1.    The Shower

When cleaning the shower, the most important thing to be cleaned is the showerhead because it can hold a lot of bacteria. To clean this in a simple way gather vinegar and a plastic grocery bag. Once the materials are gathered, simply pour a decent amount of the white vinegar into the grocery bag. There should be enough to fully submerge the shower head. Then simply tie and leave overnight.

2.    Refresh the Grout

Grout in the bathroom can become full of bacteria because grout is known for being porous. To ensure bacteria is not growing, dip what is known as a grout brush in straight bleach. Then simply scrub discolored areas and rinse well. (A fan should be used and a window open for ventilation)

3.    Cleaning Tile

To clean tile simply spray with an all-purpose cleaner. This includes walls, countertops, as well as the ceiling. Then turn on the shower as hot as it will go so that steam can be built up in the bathroom. This usually takes about five minutes or so. Then turn off the water and shut the door. Walk away and let the steam and cleaner sit for about twenty minutes.
When returning to the bathroom simply wipe down all the surfaces with a clean rag or cloth. For high or hard to reach spots use a dry microfiber mop. When the bathroom is fully clean ensure that the tile floor is wiped down as well.

4.    The Toilet

First of all, use a cup of baking soda and pour it into the bowl. Let this sit for a few minutes and simply brush and flush. Are there still spots? Use a damp pumice stone that will help remove any leftover stains not being able to be cleaned by the baking soda.
Now the toilet brush. This brush is nasty and it should actually be cleaned after every use. First, secure it to an already clean seat and the basin. The brush should hover the bowl. Then simply pour bleach over the brush bristles. Then pour water over it.

5.    The Sink

Bathroom sinks can become really dirty. To deep clean the sink, simply pour white vinegar or even baking soda down the drain then flush it out with hot water. The faucet should be cleaned with disinfecting wipes to help reduce bacteria.

6.    Hand Towels

Hand towels are a bacteria magnet and it is perfect for bacteria to grow on damp towels. To properly clean these hand towels, use the sanitize setting on the washing machine. If the washing machine does not have this setting, wash the towels in bleach. Keep in mind that hand towels should be replaced at least every four days.

7.    Bathroom Vent

The bathroom vent is a dust and bacteria collector. To clean this, first, flip the circuit breaker off. Then remove the cover and soak that in warm water with soap. Grab the vacuum and remove the buildup that is on the fan. Lastly, wipe with a damp cloth.

Preventative measures


To prevent and help ensure that grout is not holding bacteria, simply reseal grout about every six months. This will help moisture as well as grime from getting into the porous holes.


Watermarks on ceramic tiles are almost inevitable. However, to help reduce the amount simply apply a coat of car wax once or twice a year. This will cause the water to simply roll off.
Mildew-resistant paint can also be used to help walls and ceilings stay in great condition with the steam and water that is bound to happen in a bathroom. 


Close the lid while flushing and be sure to use the fan. The fan will suck up much of the bacteria before it will settle onto bathroom surfaces.


Use baby oil and dab it on the soap dish. This will prevent soapy build-up and prevent the bar from sticking to the soap dish.


Keep hand towels spread out on a bar. Make sure air can circulate through the towel rather than keeping them hanging from a hook. The folds will form and draw bacteria in when hung. Also, clean the towel bar and avoid hanging towels near the toilet.


To keep build up to a minimum run the fan during showers and for thirty minutes afterward.


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No more being embarrassed by foul odors when guests enter your restroom.

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