8 Ways You're Shortening The Life of Your Dishwasher

8 Ways You're Shortening The Life of Your Dishwasher
Any time you buy a dishwasher, or any other home appliance for that matter, you want it to last for as long  as possible. (We all know they can be crazy expensive) Bug, there are some things that you might be doing that are shortening your dishwasher’s lifespan. It could be an expensive affair because of all the repairs you will have to undertake in the future.
You might not know that you are ruining your dishwasher since some of the actions done are pretty simple. For example, leaning on the appliance is not advised. But who doesn’t lean on stuff while in the kitchen? But anyways, lets get into the 8 things that could be shortening your dishwashers lifespan.
Nevertheless, there are some care and maintenance aspects that you might overlook that will make your dishwasher last for a shorter time. Doing these things will definitely ruin your dishwasher and shorten its lifespan. You will even be forced to get another or opt to hand wash your dishes. Read on and get to know more about the things that you do that make your machine’s life shorter

1. Loading Very Dirty Plates Into The Machine

We all know that you must scrape off food items on plates before filing them inside the dishwasher. Some people will go the extra mile and rinse them beforehand. Ignoring this can cause food particles to clog the dishwasher.
You might be tempted to skip scraping off food particlesbecause of time, so you tend to throw in anything as it is onto the dishwasher’s shelves. By doing so, your dishwasher’s lifespan decreases day-by-day because the moving parts will often be bogged down by the particles.

2. Incorrectly Loading Your Dishwasher

There is a particular manner that dishwashers are filled with dishes. Larger items go in the bottom as smaller ones go on the top deck. Even after doing this, you are supposed to align them in a certain way to receive the water spray.
Sometimes you might be pressed for time and opt to quickly load up your dishes haphazardly. Incorrect loading advisable because it can cause glasses to break while they are in their wrong position and damage the dishwasher. Some items can even block the sprays and make your dishwasher to be quite inefficient.

3. Not Running The Correct Wash Cycle

Every once in a while, you might be tempted to use a cycle that is fast and hardly thorough. The end goal of this may be to save time, energy, and water. This, however, will damage your dishwasher. An incorrect wash cycle is not only inefficient when cleaning, but there is a high probability of leaving behind food particles. And these are going to clog your machine and ruin it in the end.

4. Not Securing The Filter At The Dishwasher’s Bottom Section

The filter is a crucial element in any dishwasher. It helps in obstructing the passage of large food items through the drain system of the dishwasher. They also offer protection to the wash pump from these food items.
If not secured, food items, wax, and even glass particles will pass through the filter and damage these essential components.

5. Neglecting To Clean The Dishwasher Routinely

Cleaning your dishwasher is a standard practice that must be done as often as possible. Doing so prevents clogging in the machine’s draining system and internal elements.
Ignoring this step, especially when you don’t use dishwashing soap on an empty cycle means that there will be a buildup of material. Your dishwasher will find it harder to clean as efficiently as possible and will soon break down.

6. Ignoring Surge Protectors

Surge protectors feature heavily in many other appliances like refrigerators and televisions. So why your dishwasher shouldn’t be fitted with one?
You definitely cannot control power surges and definitely not extreme weather incidences like storms that cause them. But a surge protector comes as a handy tool in the case of such events. When you do not have a surge protector, your machine faces a considerable risk of breaking down in case of power surges. Internal electrical components are challenging to repair, and most times; you will be forced to get another machine.

7. Loading Candle Dishes With Huge Melted Wax

Things like candle dishes will definitely have candle wax that melted stuck on them. You have to take off this wax, or it will clog the dishwashing machine’s system.
Remember candle wax is harder than regular food particles. Besides clogging, it will cause internal moving elements to break ruining your dishwasher entirely.

8. Overloading Your Dishwasher

Pretty straightforward right? There is a certain amount of plates, pots, and pans that your machine will be able to hold effectively. The space allocated in it even dictates this. If you put in too many, your machine will be hard pressed to perform and overheat. The chances of some of its internal elements deteriorating are high because of the strain. Failure of the device then becomes a likely possibility in this case.
Your dishwasher saves you precious time that you would otherwise have used scrubbing over the kitchen sink. To make sure it saves you time for years and years to come, make sure you don’t make these 8 mistakes!




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