Bad Cleaning Habits

Bad Cleaning Habits
If you are like most people, you clean your house regularly. But I’ve got some bad news, you might be cleaning some things wrong? There are some cleaning habits you need to break, today!
I’ve got the cleaning tips to help keep your home happier and cleaner.

1. Heading Straight for Harsh Products

Many people believe that the harsher a product is, the cleaner it gets our home. However, keep in mind that many of these cleaners are going to be harmful to the environment and even your health. You can clean almost anything with natural cleaning solutions that you can make at home. DIY cleaning solutions are going to be safer for the environment and a person’s health.

2. Using Too Much

Many people use too much cleaning solution. It is a common mistake. When too much of something is used, you really need to make sure that you are rewashing the area. When you use too much, some residue is leftover on the surface. To remove this residue, you have to clean the surface again.

3. Not Following Directions on a Product

If you are not reading the directions on a label before you use it, this counts as a bad habit. This label will tell you what to use it on, how much to use, and how to use it. You should always be following all the instructions because it will give you the best outcome. Not to mention, it also helps keep you safe.

4. Using Dirty Cleaning Tools

Many people use dirty cleaning tools. This may seem like common sense, however, a lot of us are guilty of it. When you do this, you are risking cross-contamination. This means spreading germs and bacteria to another surface because of a dirty utensil. You should clean your tools after you use them to make sure they are ready for the next task.

5. Not Closing the Curtain After a Shower

Many of us hop out of the shower and then leave it open. This can leave you with moisture and water in the folds. Eventually, this leads to mildew and mold. This mildew and mold can easily spread to other parts of the bathroom. You should always close the curtain and make sure that any mats are hung up.

6. Piling Up the Dishes

When you see a large pile of dishes in and around the sink, you are dreading washing them. It takes time. Keep in mind, the longer the dishes sit, the harder they are to wash. You should always hand wash your dishes as soon as possible to avoid having a pile. Doing dishes after each meal helps prevent an hour’s worth of dishes.

7. Not Prepping Cleaning Tools and/or Products

Before you start to clean, you should prepare your items. This means you should put the cleaning supplies you plan on using near the area where they will be used. You should also put the tools you plan on using where they will be used as well. This will save you time and energy in the long run.

8. Using More Paper Towel than Needed

Paper towels come in handy when cleaning, especially in the kitchen. However, when you use too much, it becomes a problem. Paper towel is not cheap. This is why you should be using cloth when you can. You can even use old shirts and rags to clean up. Just make sure these items are clean before use.

9 And the most common mistake of them all: Using chemically scented air fresheners in your home!

This is commonly done to cover up nasty pet smells like a litter box or after a wet dog runs through your house.
Featured image via NBC News


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