Cleaning Tools You Must Own

Cleaning Tools You Must Own
Cleaning is annoying enough, but the right tool makes you life way easier.
We all know the basics like mops, sponges, brooms.
But there are a few “miracle” tools that will save you hours and hours over your lifetime of cleaning.

1. Microfiber Cloths

This is on the top of the list for a good reason. Microfiber cloths are a great way to remove dust. It is a lot better than feather dusters or disposable dusters because a microfiber cloth will trap the dust and hold onto it. It will not be spreading it around.
Not to mention, these cloths are great for cleaning in general. You can use them on appliances, countertops, tile, glass, and even use them to remove hair. You can purchase them in different colors so you can use a different color for each task and room.

2. Stick/Hand Vacuum

Even if your whole house is hardwood or hard floors, you may need to vacuum some items. That is why it is important to have a vacuum that doubles as a stick vacuum but also works as a hand vacuum. This hand vacuum will clean couches and your upholstery.
You can easily remove pet hair and crumbs. Plus, it will help you freshen your mattress and make your car look better. You can use the stick part in the kitchen and you won’t have to use a dustpan again. Plus, to help reduce dirt in your home, vacuum your welcome mats and entrance mats every few days as well.

3. Ceiling Fan Brush

You can use your ceiling fan duster on the extension to clean the blades of your fan. The brush will have bristles that are stiff which makes it easy to remove cobwebs and lint.

4. Spray Bottles

You should have several spray bottles for your homemade cleaners. You can make a wide variety of homemade cleaners so you are not breaking the bank purchasing them or using harsh chemicals in your house. Plus, it is good to have one for water to use when ironing and training pets.

5. Steam Mop

You should purchase a steam mop but it should have washable pads. This helps you clean the tile and the grout between the tile. It may also help in the shower. You can clean your shower and the walls with a steam mop. Plus, they can be used on marble, tile, wood, laminate, and vinyl flooring. Not to mention, steam sanitizes so you do not have to use harsh chemicals.

6. Squeegee

You can purchase a squeegee that will attach to any extension poles. This helps you reach windows, mirrors, and you can even keep it in the bathroom to keep the glass free of spots after a shower.

7. Lint Rollers

This is a go-to supply that every household must have whether they have pets or not. Sometimes, you simply pick up hair and you do not know where it came from. Lint rollers are a great way to remove hair from clothing. However, it can be used around the house as well. You can use it to get crumbs and/or dust off your upholstery. You can even run a lint roller on your lampshades to clean them. Use a lint roller to pick up small pieces of glass you may not be able to see.
But the real “miracle” cleaner every home in America needs is our Clear Air Purifier.
You just set it down and it instantly goes to work pulling out even the toughest odors.
Wet dogs, litterboxes, workout gear, and stinky trash are no match for the extremely porous activated bamboo charcoal.
You are now aware of what you must-have when you clean your home. A lot of these items simply make it easier and less work for you.
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