Fast And Easy Tips To Get Rid of Smoke Smell

Fast And Easy Tips To Get Rid of Smoke Smell
One of the toughest smells ever is smoke, it stays around for a while and can feel impossible to remove.
The smoke smell is a problem because it will cling to the fabric of your clothing and linger around a home. It can also bind to soft furniture that is found throughout the household. If your home has this smoke smell you may be worried and think it is impossible to remove. But don’t worry I have some tips that will make your life easier when it comes to removing these harsh smells.

1. Clean Glass or Mirrors Located Throughout the Home

When a person thinks of removing the odor of smoke they are going to go straight for the couch or any upholstered furniture. Many people do not realize that mirrors or hard surfaces are going to be holding a lot of the smoky smell. Tar and soot that is associated with smoking will collect on glass and mirrors. This leaves behind a burnt smell.
To remove this smell from the home clean hard surfaces. Use a half and half mixture of warm water and vinegar. Once this is done, use clean warm water to rinse the surface. A normal window cleaner can be used but ensure that you are following directions.

2. Clean the Ceilings

It may sound like a dreadful and hard thing to do but you need to keep in mind that hot air is going to rise. Smoke is considered hot air and there are no exceptions to this rule.
To clean the ceiling use a half and half mixture like stated above. You are going to want to wipe the entire ceiling. Make sure you are paying attention to certain areas. This is going to include areas where smokers tend to sit. This time, you are going to let the vinegar dry and you are not going to rinse it off.
Keep in mind that vinegar should not be used on waxed surfaces. If it is used on a wax surface it can strip away at the top layer. Keep in mind that vinegar should not be mixed with bleach because it creates a toxic gas known as chlorine gas.

3. Wash Soft Furnishings

This is going to include curtains, clothing, and bedsheets. Keep in mind that this is going to include things that are hanging on the wall that are able to be washed. Many smoke odors can be soaked into fabric easier than harder furniture. It is best to wash these items thoroughly in the washer. Use warm water if at all possible.

4. Re-Upholster Ruined Soft Furnishings

Some fabrics may have a lot of smoke damage and are not going to be able to be washed. This is when the item needs to be thrown away whereas some items can be re-upholstered.

5. Carpet

Carpet is soft which means that it is going to collect that smoke smell very well. This is an item that can’t simply be thrown in the washer. For this, you are going to want to shampoo the carpet and use a steam cleaner. This can be done yourself or by professionals. You can also simply sprinkle baking soda on the carpet, let it sit for a day, and vacuum it. This will also help remove smells.

6. Activated Bamboo Charcoal

Activated Bamboo Charcoal’s extremely porous properties allow it to trap and eliminate the harsh smells involved with smoke. That’s why we created Clear Air using 100% activated bamboo charcoal.
Other chemical sprays you might try in your home will just simply cover up the smell, but Clear Air naturally absorbs odors from your home. Leaving you without foul odors and no disgusting cocktail of bad odors covered with artificial scents.
All you need to do is set it down in any room and it goes to work while you can sit back and relax. I recommend putting a few of these in places with strong odors. For a smoky smelling room, I would say to have at least 3 bags maybe even 5!

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