How Often To Clean Bathroom Rugs

How Often To Clean Bathroom Rugs
Bathroom rugs or bath mats are one of the simple pleasures in life. Being able to walk out of the bath or shower onto this fluffy, warm mat is an amazing feeling. Keep in mind that if the rug is not clean, you are stepping onto bacteria just after being clean.
Bathroom rugs are known for having a serious gunk and grime problem. They are even known for mold and mildew. Not washing bathroom rugs can affect overall hygiene as well as health. But worry not! I have some tips & tricks that will help your bathroom rug stay fresh & clean.

When to Wash Bathroom Rugs

When a person should wash the bathroom rug all depends on how many people use the rug and how often it gets used. The more times the mat is wet the more often it is going to need to be washed.
When a person showers the bathroom becomes moist and warm. This in return is a huge breeding ground for many unpleasant visitors such as mold, mildew, and even fungi. The shower’s humidity causes black spots in the corner of a shower and even between tiles. This steam from the shower can also penetrate the bath rug because it will sit on the floor without a proper way to dry. This in return builds moisture and then bacteria growth.
If the bathroom rug is not hung and is kept on the floor it will have no way to dry or allow the air to circulate through it. This is when growth occurs most. Bathroom rugs are meant to catch the moisture but they tend to harbor it until it is washed. That is why the more a shower is used the more moisture is in the bathroom rug.
If a bath rug is not used extremely frequently or not by a huge number of people, simply wash these rugs every three to four weeks using cold water. Also, use white vinegar about once a week in a spray bottle to kill bacteria. Keep in mind that this washing frequency if for a mat that has a rubber back.
For those who have a cloth or non-rubber backing, they should be washed at least every other week if not weekly. Also, wash if the rug starts to have discoloration or starts to smell.

How to Wash Bathroom Rugs

  1. First, a person is going to want to check the care tags located on the mat itself. This will tell a person what the rug is made of and how to properly wash it.
  2. Shake the bathroom rug out. This will remove any debris that is stuck in the rug that does not need to enter the washer. In fact, a person will most likely be surprised how much dust, hair, as well as dirt will come out of the rug when it is shaken. This also helps to avoid clogging a washing machine.
For those who have a rubber backed rug use a microfiber cloth on the backing to remove gunk build up. Wear gloves if necessary.
  1. Throw the rug in the washer. Many rugs are machine washable. Wash these items in cold or warm water. Usually cold is recommended to keep the color from fading or running. However, the warm water will kill bacteria that has grown better. If the rug has a rubber back use only cold water as hot water can melt the backing.
My favorite thing to use for my own laundry is the Wash Wizard. It’s this little orb that lasts for 1000 loads of laundry without needing to buy any laundry detergent.
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It uses bio-ceramics to naturally clean clothes and doesn’t use any chemicals like detergents from the store. This helps maintain your clothes vibrancy & brightness so you don’t get faded colors after a few washes.
It can also help with disinfecting and killing lingering odors. This ball will leave rugs smelling clean and fresh.
  1. Put the rug in the dyer or even hang it to dry. If the mat is rubber backed only air dry because the dryer will melt the plastic. When air drying, make sure that the widest area of the rug is exposed to the air. If it is possible, use an outdoor clothesline. The sun will kill any particles or odors that are leftover.
If the rug cannot be hung outside, simply hand it over the shower rod and let it dry that way. If the matt is not backed with rubber it can be dried in the dryer. Keep in mind it will take about two cycles because these rugs are thick.
If that mildew & mold smell is still lingering around after you have washed your bath mat, you should place a few of our Clear Air Purifiers around the area. They will naturally absorb the odor causing bacteria into the porous bamboo charcoal. The last thing you want is a friend going into your restroom and it smelling like mold, so embarrassing…


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