How Scents Affect Your Sleep

How Scents Affect Your Sleep
Sleep, we all know its important. But have you ever thought if scent can have an effect on the quality of your sleep?
For those who are thinking scents do affect a person’s sleep, you are right. However, many people do not look at Aromatherapy as a good option. Not only does Aromatherapy help a person be more productive, but it can also help a person sleep better.
In fact, according to experts, the sense of smell is the strongest sense. The nose is actually 10,000 times more accurate than your taste buds. But, how exactly does a scent affect a person’s sleeping? Let’s take a look.
If there is one thing that will ruin a good night’s sleep, it is foul odors. Get a whiff of these while your asleep and you’ll be disturbed. But placing a few of our Clear Air Purifiers can ensures odors lurking around you won’t disturb you at night, so you can get a peaceful night’s rest.

The Science Behind It

When a person goes to sniff an object, there are millions of receptors that will ping the olfactory bulbs. These bulbs are small clusters in the brain about the size of a pea. From pinging off these receptors, the scent has been sorted and the limbic system is now in charge. The limbic system is what controls the body’s basic human behaviors, learning, and emotions. This is why memories and smells are often associated together. Inhaling any scent will cause this chain reaction in the body and the brain. Doing this will activate the immune system and alter blood pressure. Some smells will even stimulate digestion.

What Will Help- Pills for Scents

Many people who suffer from insomnia or other sleep- related issues take pills to help them sleep. Imagine that you could sleep without taking this pill. Plus, different scents will help with different things.
According to experts, people who take medication for a sleep problem and ended up in the emergency room had increased by over 200 percent in 5 years. This could include allergic reactions, overdose, adverse side effects, and many other things.


The business of aromatherapy is not regulated and the side effects need more research. For example, as of right now moderate exposure is considered beneficial while long or prolonged exposer can cause cardiac risks.
To be safe, experts are suggesting using this aromatherapy less than an hour a day and telling people to follow directions on the bottle. In fact, it is a good idea to let a doctor know you are doing aromatherapy. This will allow them to better track your progress and see if it is benefiting you.

Benefiting Aromatherapy Scents

  • Orange & Lemon These scents are going to help reduce anxiety as well as providing a calm and positive outlook.
  • Lavender allows a person to rest and digest. It also has been known to help depression, anxiety, insomnia, and even the pain from a migraine. You can put this on your pillow at night to help as well. Simply put a small amount so that you can smell it.
  • Peppermint This smell will help decrease the stress hormone also known as cortisol. It also helps reduce fatigue. Plus, as a bonus, it can help reduce the cravings a person may have for sugar.
  • Sage is known to help perk memory and attention. It also has been proven to reduce blood pressure and it is also great for cooking.
  • Rosemary This is going to help enhance the brain. It will improve speed as well as accuracy during demanding tasks. It will help boost your energy and reduce your fatigue.
  • Jasmine This is going to calm and relax your mind as well as relieve excess stress and provide calming for anxiety.
  • Chamomile will help soothe a person’s body and brain. It helps provide a better sleeping experience. It has also been an aid in insomnia treatments for centuries.
  • Rose This oil will be healing and mood elevating. It can be applied to the skin.
  • Bergamot is going to help enhance relaxation as well as boost mental alertness. It can also help prevent illnesses and soothe upset stomachs.

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