How to Keep Kitchen Trash From Smelling

How to Keep Kitchen Trash From Smelling
It's inevitable, we walk into our house after a long day and we smell...garbage.
Even if you just took out the trash, your garbage can stink. Sometimes it may not even be the garbage itself but the bin you are using to hold the garbage.

Method #1: Newspaper

You will want to gather a small stack of newspapers. You will then peel the papers apart. You will want separate sheets for this. You do not want a whole hunk of paper folded together. You will next want to place only a few layers at the bottom of the can. This is mostly used for cans that will have food in them but can be used on any trash can. The newspaper will catch anything that may leak outside of the bag. Plus, if something does leak, you simply pick up the newspaper, throw it away, and replace. It is quite simple to perform this method.

Method #2: Dryer Sheets

We all know how wonderful dryer sheets make our laundry smell, so why can't it do the same to our garbage? Well, it can. Dryer sheets will help solve a lot of smelly trash can problems. All you need to do is use one sheet. If you use more the smell may be too strong. One dryer sheet at the bottom of your trashcan can help keep your trashcan and garbage fresh. It may even smell as good as your laundry does.

Method #3: DIY Sachet

You can create a sachet using items you probably have at your disposal. You simply need pantry items that you probably have sitting around. All you need is a coffee filter, baking soda, and floss. Simply gather these items and fill the coffee filter with the baking soda. You will then tie it at the top and close it using floss. You can use string, fishing line, or any other means of tying if you do not want to use floss or are out. Then, simply put this at the bottom of the trashcan and you will soon be able to breathe normally.
No one likes a smelly garbage can.


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