How to Keep Your Countertops Clean

How to Keep Your Countertops Clean
Kitchen countertops are usually a mess. All the cooking and preparation that happens there brings all kinds of clutter and dirtiness.
Simply keeping the counter clear will help make it feel more organized and less cluttered. I am going to give you some quick tips on how to clean and declutter countertops in the kitchen for a cleaner looking and feeling kitchen.

Tips to Declutter and Clean the Kitchen Countertops

First of all, you are going to want to clear the counters of everything. Everything that was on the countertops can be put on the dining room or kitchen table. Next, to clean the counter, use a disinfectant spray or wipe and wipe down the counter. Warm soapy water can also be used for this process.
Next, you are going to want to take a look at everything that has been put on the table. It is important to ask yourself these few questions before proceeding:
1. Does this item get used daily? If the answer is no, ask where it can be placed so that the object is not causing a mess or clutter.
2. Can some of this be donated or given away? If the answer is yes, make a pile or box that can be taken to the nearest donation center.
3. Lastly, ask if items are used occasionally. If certain items are used only once a week, they can be stored in another area to decrease clutter.
Keep in mind that open space on a countertop is not a bad thing! It is a good thing because it makes it easier to clean and it makes it look nicer as well. This makes it easier to wash away bacteria under objects.
Once these questions are asked, the items can be put back. When this is done think about where the objects are going. For example, if the flour or sugar is on the counter it may be a good idea to place it near the other baking items. Another example is the coffee pot may be placed by the coffee mugs to keep the kitchen practical.

Keeping It Clean

Once everything has been organized, put away, and put back, make it a goal to keep it cleared off for at least a week. This will allow a person to see what a difference keeping a countertop clean can make. Keeping a countertop clear of clutter will allow for a cleaner feeling and looking space. Not to mention, cleaning is easier as well. To keep things clean, simply follow these few steps:
1. After the family finishes a meal, put everything back where it belongs to keep clutter reduced.
2. Clean dishes after a meal and do not let them pile up on the counter or in the sink. This makes the house look dirty.
3. Keep the cycle going. Keep the dishwasher and sink empty as much as possible.
4. If mail is piled up on the table or counter, sort it right away and do not let it sit as this takes up valuable counter space.
Once this process has been done for a week, a person will understand how easy of a regimen this is to follow and how easy it is to keep their kitchen cleaner. When there are fewer items on the counter it makes it easier to get all the nooks and crannies when cleaning. This leaves no space uncleaned. Plus, nothing has to get moved to clean an area because there is no longer any clutter.

Overall Cleanliness

There are many things that help keep a kitchen clean. One item is disinfectant wipes that should be used after cooking to wipe down countertops and other surfaces to keep the area clean.

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