Pet Odor Removal

Pet Odor Removal
With pets, it's almost impossible to get rid of odors. A wet dog or a stinky litterbox can make you home a miserable place to live.
But I have some essential tips on how to remove pet odors so you can finally breathe some fresh air in your home.  

General Pet Odor Removal

If your pet odor problem is a general smell and not urine, this is the best problem to have when you are looking at pet odors. It is not a pleasant smell and it will still take time to remove this odor from the home, but there are a lot of different options available to you.

Clean, Clean, and Clean Again

The first step is going to be pretty obvious, however, you should clean the area that is affected. This area should be cleaned thoroughly. This does not just mean vacuuming or mopping. You are only going to be able to get rid of the pet smell if you are deep cleaning the area. You should scrub hard surfaces and mop them; however, this should be done with force. You should also use either vinegar or baking soda in the solution when you mop. Both of these products are great at removing pet smells.
If your pet smell is coming from carpeting, you should hire a professional. You should also make sure that the team is using hot water or is steam cleaning the home. This is going to provide the deepest clean. This is going to get deep into the carpeted area. You can rent a carpet cleaner; however, it is not going to do nearly as good of a job as a professional will.
Keep in mind that it is a good idea to have an air purifier and/or freshener in the home. This may be difficult because many air products use chemicals. However, with Clear Air, you are getting an air purifier and freshener in one without any chemicals. This product uses only natural ingredients. Plus, this natural air freshener lasts up to two years. It will help with pet odors.

The Smell is More Than a Wet Dog Smell...

If this happens, you will probably have a problem with pet urine. This is one of the most difficult smells to remove in a home. In fact, it is one of the hardest smells to remove from any type of surface. Sometimes, it will require you to remove the flooring and even replace it. However, there are a few tricks you can try before you have to replace your carpet or hard flooring.

Use a Urine Removal Solution – Enzyme Based

You have to use a urine removal solution that is enzyme based. You can purchase this at any local pet store. This should not be used like carpet shampoo.
You will need to soak the problem areas and allow the solution to dry. This time to dry is going to take a while. It does not matter if you are using it on carpet or hard flooring. You are also not going to need to open windows or use fans. You might want to place cardboard over the area that is sprayed to slow down the drying process.
This solution is going to work by breaking down the natural enzymes in the urine. The longer the spray is on here, the better it will work.
If you have done this method and it doesn’t work you are going to have to take some more serious measures. This is likely going to mean reinstalling new carpet or even replacing the subfloor. This also goes for any hard flooring in the home as well.


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