Secrets of Super Tidy People

Secrets of Super Tidy People
You walk into a house and it is spotless, no matter what time of day it is or what day it is. You are confused and you want to know their secrets.
However, these people just say oh they keep it clean. There are a few secrets they are not telling you. But don’t worry I’ll tell you there 7 sneaky secrets they use to keep a spotless home.

1 . Use the Sunlight to Your Advantage

Have you ever noticed when the sun enters your home at an angle, you see all the dust? You should clean during this time because you see more dust on things like shelving units, counters, and tables. This means that you will miss less in the long run. Now, if you are cleaning glass or mirrors you should turn off the lights because the smudges and smears will show more in the darker lighting.

2. Microfiber Cloths

Tidy people are using microfiber cloths for dusting. The fibers are great at picking up dust and holding onto it. This means that you do not have to use any excess chemicals or sprays. Plus, if you are noticing rings on the surface of an area, get the cloth damp with water.

3. Save Credit Cards!

Tidy people save their credit cards even if they cannot be used any longer. Why? Well, these cards make it easy to get into small places that are hard to reach. For example, between the countertop and the stove or the edge of the drain. Plus, cleaning a credit card off is easy.

4. Vertical Storage

Storing items vertically is going to avoid the toppling or falling down issues. Plus, when items are laid flat, they are harder to access rather than being stored on end. This works with many different items in the house.

5. Rubber Gloves

You do not need a lint roller or a huge vacuum to clean up the pet hair in your home, simply use a rubber glove. All you need to do is put one on and rub your hand along any surface that has hair on it and it will stick to the glove.

6. Chores are Habits

If you want to make cleaning an easier process all you have to do is pair it with something you already do on a daily basis. For example, you can wipe down your sink in the kitchen when you rinse out your cereal bowl. Running the dishwasher before bed and unloading it while you are waiting for coffee in the morning is also a good example.

7. Put Clothing Away

We all have that chair in our home that is covered in clothes. This is not a bad thing because you shouldn’t put gently used items back in the closet right away. They should sit on the back of a chair for at least the overnight hours. Once morning comes, you can either throw them back into the closet or into the hamper.

8. Stairs Work Harder

If you live in a house with stairs you do not want to be going up and down them all day to put things away. This is where baskets come in handy. Put a basket with each member of the family’s name on it and when you find misplaced items put them in the basket they belong. When it comes time for bed, bring the basket with and put items away.

9 . Good Baskets

Many people are using wire baskets, but for people who are tidy, this is not an option. Wire baskets are going to show everything and things will fall out easily. It makes things look cluttered. Instead of wire baskets, they are going to use natural fiber or metal baskets.
Now you know how to keep your house tidy and looking clean with ease. However, to keep it smelling nice you should place a few of our Clear Air Purifiers out. It will pull out those pesky summers with ease.

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