Surprising Uses for Nail Polish Remover

Surprising Uses for Nail Polish Remover
Most of us have a bottle of nail polish remover lying around the house whether its for us or a significant other.
If you or someone in your house polishes your nails frequently throughout the year, you know that nail polish remover is essential to the process of changing from one nail color the next. But did you know that nail polish remover can do much more than just help you to take off your existing polish?
For example, it can help to take away the grime that builds up in your bathtub or remove marks from your home’s tiles.

What else can it do?

Clean scuff marks on patent leather

Patent leather is notorious for scuffing up easily, leaving your shoes or purse looking old and worn.
But, all you have to do is to make your patent leather item look new again is to take a paper towel and dip it into nail polish remover, then softly rub the paper towel over the scuff marks.
This will successfully remove the scuff marks, and your patent leather will shine and be ready to wear again!

Remove permanent marker stains

Permanent marker can easily make you nervous because it does what it name says, which is to stay permanently on any surface that it touches. However, nail polish remover can actually help to get rid of any stain that a permanent marker makes!
To clean up a stain, take a cotton ball and soak it in nail polish remover. Then, rub the cotton ball over the damaged spot. The stain will start to dissolve as you continue to rub at it.
Once the stain is gone, just wipe the surface with a paper towel to get rid of any residue and you are good to go!

Get rid of superglue residue

Superglue is a great tool to use for various art projects. Yet, it can create problems when it gets on your fingers since you might find that your fingers are sticking together and it is hard to break them apart.
Unfortunately using soap and water to try and loosen the glue from your skin may not be that effective. As a matter of fact, hot water can actually make the situation worse!
This is when nail polish remover can be very helpful, because the acetone in it will break down the glue and help to remove it from your skin.
Nail polish remover will also help if the cap of your superglue bottle won’t open because too much glue around it has caked it closed. Just put a bit of nail polish remover around the cap, let it sit for a minute, and the cap should then come easily undone so you can get back to your project.

Sanitize beauty products

If you need to clean and sanitize your beauty products such as nail clippers, tweezers, eyelash curlers, and anything else made of metal, using nail polish remover is the way to go!
Soak a cotton ball with some nail polish remover, wipe off your metal tools, and then rinse them off with warm water and mild soap. Once the tools have been completely dried off, you can start to use them again!

Remove pen ink from clothing

Ink is infamous for ruining many outfits.
Unfortunately, all it takes is a few drops from a leaking pen to make a once-pristine shirt into an item of clothing that is ruined and seemingly can’t be worn anymore. But nail polish remover can easily come to the rescue!
Dilute one part nail polish into two parts water, dip a soft cloth into the mixture, and gently dab the stain until it comes out. Your clothing will then be as good as new!

Get rid of stains on fine china

Fine china teacups and plates are usually passed down from one generation to the next – and much of the time these sets are put away in storage and not used because they are stained from age or heavy previous use. However, nail polish remover is a big help in this situation!
All you have to do is take a washcloth or other soft cloth, dilute some nail polish remover with water and dip the cloth into the mixture. Then, rub the cloth gently over the china until the stain is no longer there.

Make nail polish usable again

Nail polish has been known to clump onto the applicator brush if the bottle sits around for a long enough time, especially if it is in a room where the temperature is not ideal for storage.
But, the acetone in nail polish remover can actually help with reviving your favorite color so you can apply it much more easily the next time around instead of having to throw away the bottle!
Just pour some nail polish remover into a small bowl or glass, dip the applicator brush into it, and then wash the brush off with soap and warm water. Wipe off the brush, and your favorite color can be used once again!
Even if you don’t polish your nails very often, it is still useful to keep a small supply of nail polish remover on hand since it can help with so many messy situations!
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