Surprising Uses for Olive Oil

Surprising Uses for Olive Oil
Olive oil is something most of us have around the house but only use for cooking. But I have some interesting things you can use it for you probably didn’t know about..
Here are eleven unique ways that you can use olive oil around your house.

Polishing Silver

Olive oil won’t prevent tarnish from appearing on your favorite silver pieces. However, it can help to slow down the tarnishing process.
All you have to do is rub a bit of olive oil on any silver that you have already polished, and the tarnish will take longer to appear.

Removing Label Residue

A label can be very hard to remove from plastic, glass, or wood. And even if you are able to take the label off, oftentimes it leaves a sticky mess behind – which is not the easiest to take off. But if you use olive oil on the label, it will come right off! All you have to do is put a drop of olive oil on the label, let it sit for fifteen minutes, and then peel it off! You can then wash any remaining residue off with soap and water.

Keeping Pearls Shiny

If you like to wear pearls, olive oil will help to keep them shiny. Many jewelry cleaners on the market are too abrasive for pearls, and can actually ruin them.
To restore the luster to your pearls, put some olive oil on a cloth and gently rub each pearl with the cloth. Then use another cloth to dry off the pearls, and they will shine like new.

Making Razor Blades Last Longer

Razor blades are expensive, especially when they have to be frequently purchased. But olive oil can keep your razor blades in good shape, helping them to last longer - which prevents the need to buy them all the time!   
To preserve your blades and keep them from getting rusty, just dip a piece of cotton in some olive oil. Then rub the cotton on your razor blades. Next, let the blades completely dry out before you use them again.

Helping Noisy Door and Cabinet Hinges

Olive oil is a natural lubricant for door or cabinet hinges that are squeaky. Just rub a dab on the offending hinge, and the door or cabinet will operate silently the next time you open it.

Removing Furniture Stains From Water Rings

Olive oil can also help to remove water ring stains that have built up on furniture where a coaster wasn’t used with a beverage glass.
Mix up one-fourth a cup of olive oil with four tablespoons of white vinegar. Then add two tablespoons of pure lemon juice. Put the mixture into a spray bottle, shake it up, and apply it to the water ring with a soft cloth. Then use another soft cloth to take out the stain, and the water stain will be gone!

Removing Gum From Your Shoes

Surprisingly, olive oil can even help to get rid of gum from the bottom of your shoe. Nothing is worse than stepping in a piece of chewed gum that someone has thrown on the sidewalk or the street. But you don’t have to become distressed about it, because all you have to do is to take an olive oil soaked paper towel and put it on your shoe. Let the paper towel sit on your shoe for ten or more minutes, and the gum will then be easy to remove.

Shining Your Shoes

Speaking of shoes, you can also polish them to shining by using olive oil! Put a few drops of olive oil on a clean soft cloth, and then rub the cloth all over your shoes.
Wipe the shoes off with another cloth, and they will look as new as they did on the day that you bought them.

Taking Paint From Your Skin

Olive oil is also good at removing paint from your hands. It is not an easy task to paint the walls of your home without getting paint on your arms, hands, or even your feet. But, olive oil will help to effortlessly take the paint from your skin! Just rub some on your skin where the paint is, and wait for at least five minutes. Then rinse the olive oil off with warm water and soap, and the paint will be gone.

Helping Zippers Move Freely

Olive oil can additionally come to the rescue when a zipper seems to be stuck.
Instead of trying to make the zipper on your clothes go up or down when it seems like it just won’t move in either direction, use a cotton ball or cotton swab to dab some olive oil onto the teeth of the zipper. Your zipper will then seamlessly move up and down effortlessly.

Removing Candle Wax

When lighting your favorite candle, you probably don’t look forward to the candle wax dripping everywhere on your candle holder. It can take a lot of effort to remove it, and sometimes you just can’t get rid of all of it. But olive oil makes the job easy.
If you put a thin coat of olive oil at the base of your candle holder before you light the candle, the wax will come right off the holder once you have blown out the candle.
Olive oil really does have some great uses around the house. Even better, you don’t need to buy an expensive brand in order for it to do its job successfully!


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