Tips to Disinfect Your Countertops

Tips to Disinfect Your Countertops
Many people read that the kitchen may be the dirtiest room in the house. Yes, this means worse than the bathroom.
This should not be surprising because you use this space for preparing food. Wherever there is any type of food, there is always going to be bacteria.
Keep in mind that food does not have to go bad or be rotting for bacteria to grow. Items that are meant to be in the refrigerator and are left out for more than two hours can build bacteria. This is the same scenario for smudges of food left on the countertop.
With that being said, there is room for concern.
At least, if not more than 76 million food-related illnesses are reported in the United States alone each year. This is from all different causes but with numbers that high, anyone should be concerned. If you keep a kitchen clean and handle your food properly, you are going to provide a much safer environment for you and your family.
Keep in mind that places that are used most often, should be cleaned the most often. For example, sinks and countertops should be cleaned after each use. We are now going to discuss five different ways to help disinfect your countertops to help keep your kitchen clean.

Clean Up Spills ASAP

Spills should be cleaned up as soon as they occur. Yes, this means that little dribble of gravy should be cleaned right away. Keep in mind, the longer that this dribble sits, the more dangerous it is. Plus, a paper towel is not going to do the job. Soap and water will not even do the job.
Many people do not realize that there is a difference between actually disinfecting a surface and cleaning a surface. Cleaning is going to remove the dirt, grease, and visible items. It may remove some bacteria, but not a lot. When you disinfect, you are going to be killing bacteria. Spills should be cleaned up regularly and that will help avoid bacteria build-up and it means you have less disinfecting to do later on.

Keep Countertops Dry

When your countertop is wet, your countertop is a breeding ground for fungus, mold, and bacteria. When you keep the countertops dry, you are going to make the area less appealing to microbes which make your family ill. You should keep the countertops clean but you should also make sure that you are drying them as well. You should be sure to wipe down areas where condensation has built up.

Have Cleaning Aids Ready

It is recommended to use warm water with soap to clean your countertops after each food preparation. You should be cleaning it before the food touches the counter and after. However, this does not disinfect, it cleans. It is also recommended that you use a disinfectant preparation that is designed to be used on countertops. You can also use a bleach solution that you can make yourself.

Choose A More Organic Method

Some people hate the idea of using chemicals to clean their kitchen. Many people also think it doesn’t make sense. Plus, chemicals can be very toxic if they are not used as they should be. Plus, they are not good for our environment. Not to mention, chemical cleaners are expensive.
You do not always have to use chemical cleaners to disinfect your kitchen. There are a lot of cleaners out there that are going to provide the same clean without all the harshness. Plus, you can use common household items such as peroxide and vinegar to clean the kitchen as well. There are a lot of opportunities available to you when using natural cleaners.
Keep in mind that you should be using an air purifier in the kitchen to eliminate nasty odors from cooking and leftovers..
Our Clear Air purifier uses all natural activated bamboo charcoal and zero chemicals! It naturally pulls odors from the air and eliminates them.
So you can finally take a deep breathe of fresh air without wanting to throw up.
Plus it works anywhere in the home: bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, shoe racks or anything stinky.

Disinfect Sponges

Some people use different methods to clean their countertops. This could be a washcloth, sponge, or a paper towel. However, if you are using the same method over and over (besides paper towel), you are going to be hosting a breeding area for yeast, bacteria, and mold. Sponges are the worst for this.
All you need to do is simply put your sponge in the microwave for about two minutes and thirty seconds. Make sure it is wet when you put it in there. This is going to kill any bacteria on the sponge. You can even throw dishrags and sponges in the dishwasher when you run it too.
You can take on your kitchen with your head held high because you are keeping your family safe.


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