4 Tips to Organize Your Refrigerator

4 Tips to Organize Your Refrigerator
When it comes to your fridge you know how bad it can become disorganized. If our fridge is unorganized you may not know what food has gone bad and this can cause some seriously bad smells. Plus, if you do not know where it is coming from that makes it really difficult to figure out which container or even if it is in the fridge.
If your fridge is organized, this can help prevent these types of situations. You should organize your fridge following these few tips to ensure you know what goes where.

1. The Upper Shelves

These shelves should be used for drinks only. This would include your juices, milk, water, and whatever else you may be drinking. You may also want to keep any leftovers on this shelf. This is a good idea because when someone reaches for a drink, they see their leftovers that are sitting in the containers. This makes it harder for a container to start to smell. Lastly, you should keep your food that is ready to eat on this shelf. This would include yogurt and cheeses.

2. Lower Shelves

Any type of raw food or ingredient should be kept on this shelf. This is anything that you will be cooking with for meals. This is done to make sure that the meat and any other foods are fresh and do not contaminate any other foods on different shelves.

3. The Door

This is the warmest area of the fridge. The only thing that should be put on the door is condiments. Do not put anything that can spoil easily on the door.

4. Drawers

The drawers are a little trickier. These drawers are designed to keep the produce at a particular humidity. So that means our produce should go in here, right? Well, not exactly. The drawers at the bottom are going to be at risk for contamination. This is because the raw produce and meats are placed right above it.
So, you should make one drawer for meats and the other for vegetables. If you have an upper drawer and a lower drawer, use the upper for veggies and the bottom for meats. If you must use both drawers for fruits and veggies, put the meat in a plastic bin to ensure that it does not drip onto your veggies.

Special Organizers

There are many options that are available to help aid in the organization of your fridge. There are special organizers that can be bought and they can help make sure you do not have to deal with those nasty smells again.
  • A plastic bin that is clear to keep your meat in. This product is pretty much a mobile drawer and it has handles for easy access and moving. This is great for meat because you can clean it easily before it gets icky.
  • A lazy Susan for your fridge is going to work wonders in helping you organize. You can organize cheeses or anything else for that matter in this lazy Susan. This would be a good option for your ready to eat foods.

Preventing Nasty Smells/Getting Rid of Existing Odors

If you have a nasty smell and your fridge needs to be cleaned out, use wash rags and towels with soap to do this. Once the fridge is clean, toss in our Clear Air and it will naturally absorb the odors to give you a fresh smelling fridge. So next time you open the door you won’t be blasted with foul odors.
Now that you know how to organize your fridge you should be an expert soon. Plus, you won’t have to say what is that smell anymore.

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