Top 10 Dirtiest Things In The World We Hold Everyday

Top 10 Dirtiest Things In The World We Hold Everyday

Many people know that washing their hands is essential to keep good hygiene. It helps stop germs before they spread. It also limits bacteria, germs, and viruses from being transferred. Washing your hands or using hand sanitizer are both effective ways to keep your hands clean. We know that it is absolutely impossible to keep hands 100 percent clean but you should defiantly wash or sanitize after touching these items on our top 10 dirtiest things in the world. 

Before we get started, it is important to note that there are things that will help delete a certain number of bacteria. Clear Air is an air freshener that uses activated bamboo charcoal to refresh the air and help reduce the number of bacteria on certain surfaces. 

1. Money | Dirtiest Things In the World

100 Dollar bills

When you handle cash, it is important to wash your hands. According to research, there were hundreds of microorganisms living on a single one-dollar bill. These included oral and vaginal bacteria as well as DNA that came from pets and other viruses. Some bills have even tested positive for E. coli and Salmonella. 

2. Handrails, Handles, and Doorknobs

Door knobs

Washing your hands will limit the spread of nasty bacteria and even viruses. When using public transportation or anything in the public that contains handles, doorknobs, or handrails, it is important to wash your hands. This includes bathrooms, subways, and even escalators. 

3. Restaurant Menus 

Choosing food in restaurant menu

Restaurants, even with all their rules and regulations, are germ factories. The menu is the worst culprit. Menus have been found to have over 180,000 bacteria organisms on them. This does make sense because many people touch them and you cannot avoid it because you need to see the menu as well.

4. Anything in the Doctor’s Office 

Different equipments in a doctor's office

Many patients come and go through a doctor's office in a single day. Some are sick and some are not. This is why many things inside the office will have an abundance of germs. However, the worst item is the sign-in pen. This is going to contain over 46,000 germs more than a toilet seat. 

It is also a good idea to avoid the armrests in the waiting room and door handles. It is a good idea to wash hands after you leave the doctor's office. 

5. Animals 

Smiling dog

Many people do not wash hands after touching pets or animals and they should. Pets are usually thought of as family friendly and they usually are not going to think about washing their hands after touching them. However, it is important to wash hands after handling any type of pet. 

6. Touchscreens 

People looking at their mobile phone while at the train station

Many of today’s technological advancements have replaced paper goods. With this being said, it is important to wash your hands after touching any screen that is not only yours. The worst machines are ones found in an airport or in a place where public transportation is offered. If you share your cellphone with others, ensure you wash the screen and your hands. 

7. Cutting Boards and/or Sponges 

Dirty cutting board

Kitchens are a germs heaven. Raw and undercooked food is handled here and so are all the utensils used to touch it. Plus, the kitchen towel and sponge. According to one study, 326 species of bacteria were found on a single used sponge. It is important to regularly replace sponges with new ones. Plus, it is essential that you wash your hands after prepping a meal or handling raw meats. 

8. Pens | Dirtiest Things In the World

Pens in different colors

When you touch pens that are not yours, wash your hands! An office pen is going to have at least, if not more, than ten times the germs a toilet seat has. There are over 200 bacteria per square inch on a pen. Plus, a lot of people chew on pens. 

9. Soap Dispenser/Pump

Liquid soap dispenser

These dispensers are going to be a heaven for bacteria. When you touch the pump, you are hoping to receive soap to help wash the bacteria off, however, all these bacteria can be transferred to the bump. In fact, you are transferring more bacteria to your hands when touching a refillable soap container than if your hands were stuck in a toilet. 

10. Anything in the Airport 

Empty airport with chairs

Many people, 2.6 million to be exact, travel airlines every day. This means more germs in public places. The worst places are railings, water fountains, and plastic tubs by security. Dirty shoes and bags enter these trays. Wash your hands frequently when inside an airport. 

Of course, this does not mean that we should avoid these things all together to lessen chances of contracting harmful and contagious diseases. These are things and places we all encounter on a day-to-day basis. But we can definitely protect ourselves and continue live a normal, healthy life!

What other things should we add to our list of dirtiest things in the world one should be careful of? Let us know in the comments section below!

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