Why Smelling Bad Odor Makes Your Stomach Ache

Why Smelling Bad Odor Makes Your Stomach Ache
Ever stepped into a room and had the urge to throw up or gag? Certain foul odors can ruin our mood and make us feel sick at times. But why is this? I have the answers you need.


Some individuals suffer from hypersensitive smell. These people will notice a smell longer and even feel like it may be getting stronger even though there has been no change in the concentration of the smell. These people also had different brain activity than others who were studied.
These people who suffered from hypersensitive smell were studied with EEGs and fMRI. An EEG involves electrodes on the head to measure brain waves and tension in the brain due to different smells. Those who were in the group of normal people did not show a lessening of their brain activity during this study. People in the normal group were able to become accustomed to certain smells and this resulted in no change in brain activity.
The people who have sensitive smells have different patterns of blood flow to their brain. Note that this change also occurs in people who have pain disorders and this may be why some people suffer from stomach pain when they smell certain odors.

Smell and the Body

The body is affected when someone is sensitive to smells. This is especially true because those who suffer from chemical intolerance are likely to react to items that disturb the mucus lining. This mucous lining is found in the nose and mouth and is irritated by certain smells. When someone’s smell doesn’t diminish like normal, they smell stronger. These people with stronger smells will also have effects on their mucous linings and even in their brain.
In simpler terms, some triggers and indications show that this specific intolerance will affect the mind and the body. However, there are a lot more people than you think with this intolerance.

Is It Common?

Many people suffer from different forms of chemical intolerance. Some people do not suffer from it very severely and they only are bothered slightly by some smells. Other people are extremely sensitive to smells. In fact, some people become physically sick from certain smells. Those who are not as severe account for about ten percent of the population, whereas those who have it very severely make up about two percent of the population.


Many different smells can trigger someone to become ill or experience side effects of chemical intolerance. We are going to go over the most common side effects that people can face. Some symptoms are going to be more severe and can range in severity based on an individual.
  • Confusion
  • Memory Loss
  • Fatigue
  • Asthma
  • Joint Aches
  • Muscle Aches
  • Headaches
  • Rashes
  • Stomach Pain
  • Plastics
  • Plants
  • Perfumes
  • Paint
  • Carpeting
  • Cigarette Smoke

What Causes This?

There is not a lot of research done to know exactly what causes this problem. This is why there are no known treatments and people are not able to diagnose it very easily. However, every day there are advancements in both studies and technology. While we do not know exactly what causes this problem, we do know some of the most common triggers. 
Keep in mind may smells may trigger someone with chemical sensitivity to have a reaction. The list above is just some of the more common items that people state triggers their reactions. 
But if you want foul odors to stop giving you that urge to throw up or gag, just set down our Clear Air Purifier in stinky rooms. It will suck in foul odors like a vacuum cleaner so you no longer have to breathe them in.
You have got this and with some advancements in technology, you should be on your way to treatment in the near future.
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