Why You Shouldn't Wash Your Dishes During A Thunderstorm

Why You Shouldn't Wash Your Dishes During A Thunderstorm
Ever heard that old tale: don’t do dishes or shower during a thunderstorm. People have been saying this for years and many people follow it because it is what they were told. However, they do not know if it is true or why it would be true.

Why Dishes and Showers Shouldn’t Happen During a Storm

It is very common advice for people to stay away from plumbing and other metal objects during a storm that involves lighting. However, have you ever thought about what would happen if you didn’t?
Keep in mind, lighting is the main problem. It can strike and travel through the pipes and water in the home. Once the lightning has struck and traveled, it can then shock you in your home! This is scientifically proven by a lightning safety specialist.
If it is storming and especially if it is lightening, simple tasks such as the dishes or taking a shower will increase the chances of being struck by lightning by quite a bit. This can happen even if you are in the home. You do not have to be outside to be struck by lightning.

Preventative Measures

It is a rule of thumb to simply avoid anything that can conduct electricity in the home during a thunderstorm. This includes wires as well as plumbing fixtures. Keep in mind that washing hands is just as dangerous as showering or doing the dishes in a storm.
It is also important that you know that if you are connected to anything that is plugged in, dishwasher, washer, or any other electrical outlet, you are more in danger of being struck. This is also true for anything that connects to plumbing fixtures. These simple machines and everyday objects become dangerous during a thunderstorm.
If you can hear thunder, it is important to avoid any of these objects stated above. Note that lightning can strike up to 10 miles away from a thunderstorm. This means that if thunder is heard, you are now within the distance to be struck by lightning. This is also the time you are going to want to seek a safe place until the storm is over.
What exactly is a safe place? A safe place is going to be located indoors. You will want to be away from any metal objects as well as plumbing, or anything plugged in. You should also avoid concrete and any form of window or door. Keep in mind that these places are not safe, dugouts, dog houses, and even picnic shelters. A car can be safe if the windows are rolled up. Yes, this applies to metal vehicles as well.
If you find yourself stuck in a thunderstorm, you should follow these safe place instructions. You should stay in a safe place until the storm has passed and thunder cannot be heard anymore. By this time, the storm is going to be further than 10 miles away which will allow you to resume your daily tasks.


If you have plastic pipes you may think that you can shower in a storm without any risk. This is false. Water is a great conductor of electricity. This can be seen if lightning strikes and there are puddles outside. Water can conduct electricity and also electrocute you as well. Water provides a great stream for electricity to follow which leaves many people unaware of the dangers. It is also important to keep a note on how your particular house is grounded.
When a house has been built, it should have been built so that when the electricity comes into the home it becomes grounded to the house. However, many houses are grounded through separate rods that basically are just stuck into the ground. The rods in the ground actually are safer because they are not attached to any fixtures of plumbing in the home.
But what’s not a myth is the concept of being “nose blind.” You stay in your home everyday and slowly become adjusted to the smell when you step in the door. But when a friend or family comes over they will immediately notice the smell of your home. And if it’s a foul smell your guest will be disgusted and you will  become very embarrassed.
But don’t worry, placing a couple of our Clear Air Purifiers around your home will make sure foul odors are eliminated.


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