Why Your Room Smells When You Wake Up

Why Your Room Smells When You Wake Up
Have you ever gone to bed and woken up to an unpleasant smell? There is a reason behind that, and I’m going to tell you all about it.
When you go to sleep your body is going to shed its dead skin cells. It is also going to give off oils that are naturally occurring as well as sweat. Not to mention, every single human has bacteria on their body. And these thing release interesting odors over those 8 hours you are asleep.
If your mattress is made of artificial or fake materials, then your mattress might be holding in a lot of moisture and causing an unpleasant smell. This is not the only reason we may notice some stink in our rooms when we wake up. We are going to discuss some of the most common reasons our bedroom may stink when we wake up and how to fix it.

The Bed

We all sweat and overnight, we sweat more. If you are human, you sweat in your sleep. This is oftentimes why your room smells in the morning. However, many people do not know that if they are not changing their sheets often, they can experience a foul smell.
To prevent this smell, you should air out the comforter and the sheets daily. This means you should not make your bed right away when you wake up. You should pull the covers back to let the bed air out. This can be done while you are showering and getting your day started. You should make your bed before you leave and head out the door.
Keep in mind that the average American only changes their bedding once a month. You should be cleaning your bedding at least once a week and washing your pillows.

Carpets are a No-No

If you keep your bed clean and you still notice odors lingering, it could be your carpet. Illnesses & showers all have certain odors that can easily be trapped in carpet fibers. Not to mention, stinky feet, spilled drinks, or muddy shoes that add to the mess.
If you are unable to say goodbye to carpets in your bedroom completely, consider using area rugs. These should be washed once a month and will help eliminate bedroom odors.

Behind the Pillows

When you have hard floors and clean sheets, your odors are not going to be gone. You need to look behind your pillows for the next spot of stench. If there is not a headboard on your bed, the skin oils and hair oils are going to build-up on the wall. This can cause the wall to shine and look greasy.
You need to clean this area whether you have a headboard or not at least twice a week. Warm water with soap and a soft microfiber cloth is the best idea to clean this area. Using a disinfectant wipe after is also recommended.

Body Odors

When you go to sleep at night your body is going to release different odors from bad breath to flatulence. This is not appetizing. However, this is the easiest one to fix. All you need to do is make sure your room is well-ventilated. If at all possible, open windows to air out your bedroom for at least 30 minutes a day.
Other Preventative Measures
  • Keep Bedroom Temperatures Between 60-67F
  • Fewer Blankets
  • Shower Before Bed
  • Clean PJ’s
  • Wash Mattress Covers
  • Clean Your Mattress
  • Buy More Breathable Materials and Mattresses
To eliminate those odors once and for all when you wake up, just set out Clear Air purifier down and let it do all the hard work.
All night long it will pull those foul odors from the air with its all natural activated bamboo charcoal. So when you wake up you get a nice refreshing breathe of air. Making your mornings much more relaxing.
You are now ready to tackle that nasty lingering odor in your room. It could be multiple things but do each one and check it off. Each item we have discussed should be done in your room because if you do not do these, they are all like a culprit of the lingering odor.


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